By Chris Ciaccia, Fox News

February 21, 2020 | 2:23pm

Experts have been intensely watching an exoplanet that is so close to its star, it may well be on the “edge of destruction.”

Known as NGTS-10b, this planet is a “hot Jupiter,” a gas giant that orbits its star very closely. So far, approximately 400 exoplanets have met the “hot Jupiter” definition, but this particular one has a year that only lasts 18 hours, making it “perilously close” to its star.

“Although in theory hot Jupiters with short orbital periods (less than 24 hours) are the easiest to detect due to their large size and frequent transits, they have proven to be extremely rare,” the study’s lead author, James McCormac, said in a statement. “Of the hundreds of hot Jupiters currently known there are only seven

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