The pile of Android threats to watch out for has been mounting at a pretty rapid clip so far this year, with apps sneaking into the Google Play Store that can do everything from log in to your Google and Facebook accounts, access key features of your device, spread malware and so much more. Google, of course, kicks these apps out of its store as soon as they’re found, which we note each time this occurs — though each instance is also one more reminder of just how much of a minefield the threat landscape remains. Meanwhile, as if all that weren’t enough, the security firm Malwarebytes is calling attention to what may be one of the nastiest Android infections yet — a piece of malware that’s actually been circulating for a while now that can reinfect a device after almost every defense has been thrown at it, including a factory reset.

Back in August, this particular malware strain, called xHelper, had already been detected by Malwarebytes’ antivirus app on some 33,000 mostly US devices. That eventually put a target on the malware, by research

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