A whole bunch of new Philips Hue bulbs and accessories are being announced today, and by far the most eye-catching are the line’s first Edison-style bulbs. These LED smart bulbs appear to have a swirling filament exposed inside their clear glass housing, creating a much more stylish look than a traditional, almost industrial Hue bulb.

When the Edison-style bulbs are turned off, it’s clear that they’re filled with LEDs and not the real deal. But when they’re switched on and glowing, they have the same vibe as the real thing, and I think they’d work perfectly well as the room accent they’re supposed to be. They get plenty bright, too.

The Edison-style bulbs will be available in the traditional A19 bulb shape for $25 each, as ST19 tubes for $28 each, and as G25 globes for $33 each, launching in the US this October. Because they’re mimicking the style of old bulbs, they’ll be locked into the warm, orangish color temperature and not adjustable like other Hue bulbs.

A pair of new accessories is coming to the Hue line, too. That includes the line’s first smart plug, which will be able to cut off power to whatever it’s plugged into. Obviously, it’s intended to be used with a lamp, though the Hue app will include icon

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