Queen’s legendary guitarist and an active social media user, Brian May shared a new and sad photo on his official Instagram page and sent his condolences to Alexei Leonov who was the first man to walk in space, passed away yesterday.

Here is what Brian wrote about him:

“Sad news – we lost a true hero today. Alexei Leonov was the first man to walk in space, and would have been the first man on Moon if the Russians had not lost their momentum in the Space Race.

Alexei was a wonderfully complete Human Being – scientist, artist and leader. Thanks to STARMUS I was privileged to be in his company many times over the past few years.

He was funny, and delightfully modest about his achievements. Always had time to draw pictures, to interact with children, and share his experiences. Here you see him through the lenses of my own stereo camera speaking at Starmus, and sharing a bite and a chat with the extraordinary Neil Armstrong – conquerer of the Moon.

If you then swipe, you can see the young Alexei in his space suit before embarking on that world-beating 1965 Voshtok 2 Mission, then captured by a static camera actually during his space walk (which nearly killed him when his suit inflated so much that he couldn’t sq

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