Samsung reps told us that three main changes were made here. First, caps were added to the top and bottom edges of the hinge to seal off gaps that previously might have allowed specks of dust to get in the mechanism. Particles of debris or dirt were potentially jamming the hinge and causing it to break, so this prevents that from happening.

Previous damage was also caused by people peeling off what looked like a screen protector on the display, but that was actually a protective polymer layer on the screen. Because it didn’t fully cover the entire 7.3-inch folding display, there were edges that people could pick at. With the redesign, this layer now extends beyond and tucks under the bezel so there aren’t bits exposed.

The company also added layers of metal under the display to strengthen its protection and hopefully make it so that you wouldn’t be able to feel machinery beneath the screen when you poke at it. Certainly, during our hands-on, the Fold seemed sturdier than b

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