Scientists discover BREATHABLE OXYGEN in a galaxy outside of the Milky Way for the first time – the only problem is it’s 581 million light years away

  • Researchers analyzed light waves from the Markarian 231 galaxy
  • They found signatures indicating the presence of molecular oxygen
  • The galaxy, which is 581 million light years away, has 100 times the amount of oxygen as has so far been identified in the Milky Way 

By Michael Thomsen For

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For the first time ever, astronomers have identified molecular oxygen in a galaxy outside the Milky Way.

The discovery was made by a team of astronomers at Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, led by Junzhi Wang.

The team identified the presence of molecular oxygen by analyzing light waves that had reached Earth from Markarian 231, a galaxy around 581 million light years away.

Light wave readings taken at the IRAM 30-meter telescope in Granada, Spain (pictured above) helped scientists detect signatures of molecular oxygen in the Markarian 231 galaxy, the first time the compound has been detected outside the Milky Way

Ironically, th

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