The Big Bang Theory joined the DC Comics Universe when the guys ran into Power Girl in the wild. Unfortunately, Howard did the talking…


In the sitcom’s twelve-year run, The Big Bang Theory brought nerd culture into millions of homes on a weekly basis. Of all the fandoms that the merchandise-hoarding Pasadena gang took part in, DC Comics loomed the largest, from Flash costumes to Adam West cameos. Much like the cultural influence that landed Friends in the Legion of Super-Heroes in the late 90s, it’s inevitable that the characters made the crossover into the DC Comics universe they love. But when they did, they bit off more than they could handle when they decided to step into Power Girl’s life.

Power Girl, aka Kara Zor-El, aka Karen Starr, is a perfect representation of the wide world of DC’s multiverse. Thanks to DC’s CW series, her Kryptonian name is better known than she is: she’s Supergirl, but from another world where she’s older, stronger, and more confident. The heroine made the jump from Earth-2 to the primary world of the comics, where she adventured with the Justice Society of America. The TBBT cameo comes from Power Girl #4, written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, with art by Amanda Conner; these creators would stick with Power Girl off and on for years, up to this year’s Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey comic, when Conner and Palmiotti reunited the indestructible woman with her infatuated best friend Harley. This Power Girl story comes from 2009, two years into The Big Bang Theory‘s primetime run, meaning these characters were still fresh in the American zeitgeist.

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