David Bowie asked it, and so has just about everyone else at some point: is there life on Mars? Was there life on Mars? Was there ever potential for life on Mars? One scientist is convinced he knows the answer, and that the question hanging out there in space was already answered—over 40 years ago.

When the NASA Viking mission took off to explore Mars in 1976, it was equipped with a Labeled Release (LR) life detection experiment that returned some questionable results to Earth. Now Gilbert B. Levin, an engineer and inventor who was principal investigator of the LR experiment on the Viking missions, is bringing those results to light again as we prepare to send off Mars 2020—and eventually humans—to the Red Planet.

Some background on why Levin is unearthing his results. When the LR first beamed back its results from Mars, they were surprisingly positive (something most people have either forgotten or just have no idea about). The further the Viking team got into the experiment, the more positive results they received from the two spacecraft that were situated 4,000 miles apart. The

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